Let's get virtual

The Best Virtual Reality Marketing Campaign Award – This award recognises a campaign that has championed the use of virtual reality through desktop and mobile VR. The winner of this category will present a VR campaign/event that is immersive, impactful, memorable and novel.

Templar Wales joins this year's judging panel

Templar Wales's career has always been centred around creating engaging experiences for marketing, communications and systems through design, creative thinking and strategy. As chief marketing officer and head of Client Experience for Airborne, a fintech start-up, Templar was responsible for the brand and identity development, marketing strategy and the full client experience.

New Gather Online category launched – agencies, take note ...

The Best Use of Social Media Using Gather Online Award – This category is designed to introduce and agencies to Gather Online, and showcase its potential as a marketing tool. Gather Online's fresh approach to connecting like-minded people around topical discussions, lends itself to fun and innovative marketing campaigns.

Lana Strydom joins this year's judging panel

Lana is a self-confessed digital addict. She has more than 18 years’ experience in a wide range of digital disciplines ranging across digital channel, digital product development and digital marketing. She believes passionately that technology and innovation, when used in the right combination, can help make the world to a better place.