New Generation Awards

The 2018 New Generation Awards see's some exciting changes; changes that we believe will help make these awards even more prestigious. This year we will be merging a number of our categories and some will be excluded all together. We aim to end up with around 35 categories in total, which will include three new categories. These categories are trending and aim to generate lots of excitement among our entrants. We cannot wait to see your work!

New categories in 2018:

  • Agency Awards – Best Influencer Marketing Campaign Award
  • Special Awards - Best Individual Influencer Marketer Award
  • Agency Awards – Best Augmented Reality Marketing Campaign Award

You will also notice that we have split our Overall Agency of the Year Award in two. Moving forward we will now honour;

  • The New Generation Medium to Large Agency of the Year 
  • The New Generation Small Agency of the Year (15 or fewer individuals)

This was decided after a number of clients requested that we make it fair for all parties to compete for this prestigious award. We hope you like the change!

After careful consideration, we have also decided to exclude our Bronze awards from the ceremony and only hand out Gold and Silver awards for each category. We believe that this will make the standard of entries even more spectacular and on point, in turn adding to the prestige of winning a New Gen Award.

We hope that all of you welcome these changes and submit some truly amazing campaigns and standout individual motivations.

All final category changes and the new entry forms will be up-dated on this site before we open entries in May.

All the very best with this year’s entries!